Cyber Security / DevOps Developer

May 2017 - Present
Responsible for the architecture of the Typescript based provisioning back-end stack for Virginia Cyber Range’s internal RESTful API services
The software is designed to be platform independent and highly scalable to serve as one of the most critical components in the entire software system
Utilized Docker and AWS services such as DynamoDB, EC2, SQS, and ELB to improve scalability
Stood up various Virginia Cyber Range API services using AWS while following best AWS security practices
Created and published npm SDK that is used by various APIs for inner communications
Developed very compact unit tests using Mocha/Chai framework and mocked data
Implemented thorough error handlings to make sure that all API behaviors are expected and are producing the correct error messages
Redesigned the API contract to service all of the diverse use cases for the front-end
Contributed to the CICD pipeline through automating the component tests; improve the stability of the production branch by 70%
Produced detailed documentations on API structures, deployment processes, and component models
Created comprehensive tutorial videos/user guides on how to navigate the UI using Camtesia Studio 9
Technical Skills: TypeScript, NodeJs, DynamoDB, Docker, AWS, Mocha/Chai, Yaml, SwaggerHub, Camtesia Studio 9

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