Contracted Software Developer

Auguest 2017 - Present
Responsible for the development of the SQL Injection related content of Web Security course
Responsible for the development of the Advanced contents of the Capture the Flag event
The Advanced contents involves: Network forensics, Steganography, IDOR, XSS, HeartBleed, SQLi, Cryptography and few other security volunerabilities
Deployed and maintained the GCloud servers
Providing technical support for students and TAs for the Web Security course
Researched on various ways to exploit and compromise MySQL servers through a PHP application
Implemented a clean and modernized UI using PHP, HTML, and CSS
Implemented a responsive UI design that displays seamlessly on any screen sizes
Acceptance tested to insure that all UI behaviors are working as expected
Applied agile development methodology to focus the development progress to be feature driven
Automated a process that builds the SQLi environment, creates the SQL databases and tables, and populate the data sets using a bash script

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