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"It's not a bug, it's just an undocumented feature!"

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Projects & Research

Authentication and Login Throttling

Authentication Preview

Controlling login attempts and lockouts

  • Brute Force Prevention
  • Strong PW Validation
  • Language: PHP, HTML
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WordPress Pentesting

kali Preview

Identifying vulnerabilities and recreating the associated exploits in WordPress

  • Kali Linux Tool: wpscan
  • XSS Injection
  • Pentesting
  • Language: PHP, HTML
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Web Development Workshop

Workshop Preview

Taught a personal web development workshop as part of HKN's Professional Development Event

  • Teaching Experience
  • Event Organization
  • Language: HTML5, CSS3, JS
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Buffer Overflow

Buffer Overflow Preview

Exploiting the Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities of Ubuntu v12.04

  • Bash Script Injection
  • GNU Debugger Analysis
  • 0x90 NOP slide
  • Language: C
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Encryption Preview

Message Encryption/Decryption using public and private Keys

  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Public-Private Keys
  • Signature Validation
  • Language: PHP, HTML
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Forgery, Theft, and Hijacking prevention

Forgery Theft Preview

Forgery, Theft, and Hijacking prevention and safely ustilizing session tokens

  • Session Token Validation
  • Penetration Testing
  • CSRF Protection Token
  • Language: PHP, HTML
Git Repository

Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive Preview

Cloud storage website for uploading files

  • Glassfish Deployment
  • Primeface Implementation
  • SQL Database Access
  • Language: Java, XHTML, CSS
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Input Sanitization

Sanitization Preview

A form site that prevents against common cyber security vulnerabilities

  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • XSS Attack Prevention
  • Clickjacking Prevention
  • Language: PHP, HTML
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The Token Collector

Forgery Theft Preview

An Embedded Systems Rover that efficiently collects tokens on a given map

  • Control Systems
  • Communication Protocols
  • Language: C, Python
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Form Validation

Cloud Drive Preview

Defending against malicious user inputs

  • Data Validation
  • Language: PHP, HTML
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Recipe Book

Recipe Preview

A databse website that allows users to quickly look up specific delicious recipes

  • Edamam's Developer API
  • Primeface Interface
  • Glassfish Deployment
  • Language: Java, XHTML, CSS
Git Repository

Tip Calculator

Tip Calc Preview

A simplfied and elegant tip calculator

  • WAMP Stack Development
  • Language: PHP, HTML, CSS
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Lazer Preview

An Independent Research Project in Video Game Design at Virginia Tech

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Language: C#
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Asteroid Game

Adstroid Preview

Microcontroller Interfacing Project

  • UART Communication
  • Button Debouncing
  • Language: C
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The Virtual Pool

TVP Preview

An Independent Project

  • Realistic 2D Physics
  • Collision Detection
  • Language: ProcessingJS
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Artist & Record Database

tree Preview

Multiple data structures that store artists and records efficiently.

  • 2-3+ B-Tree Implementation
  • Closed Hashtable
  • Quadratic Probing
  • Doubly Linked List & Data Pool
  • Language: JAVA
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Wolfram Alpha Search

rasberrypi Preview

Two Raspberry Pi which communicates to Wolfram Alpha's API

  • Socket Communication
  • Client-Server Model
  • Message Encryption
  • Language: Python
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Weather Advisor

Weather Preview

Weather Advising GUI application using Qt Creator's widget library

  • Event-Driven Programming
  • Qt Event Loop
  • Graphical Widget Creation
  • Language: C++
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2048 Game

2048 Game Preview

Microcontroller Interfacing Project

  • Potentiometer Calibration
  • OLED Bitmap Design
  • Language: C
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Divit Preview

A banking application made for VT Hacks 2016. Divit utilizes Capital One's API

  • Android Application
  • Front-End Developer
  • Language: Java, XML
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King of the Pond

King of the Pond Preview

A multiplayer naval game made for Penn Apps XXI Hackathon in Philadelphia, PA.

  • JSON Communication
  • Controller Developer
  • Language: C# & JavaScript
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My Website

Website Preview

Independent Web Development Project

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Built From Scratch
  • Used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
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SHPE Website

SHPE Preview

Web Development for Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at Virginia Tech

  • Modern UI Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Built Within 24 Hours
  • WordPress Intergration
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Matrix Calculator

Matrix Preview

An independent project that uses POSIX library to thread a matrix calculation

  • POSIX Thread
  • Qt Creater IDE
  • Language: C++
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