Created by Jinwoo Yom

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What is Lazer?

Lazer is a fast-paced, single-player survival game. The player races against the clock and other non-player characters (NPCs) to collect items on randomly generated maze-like maps while dodging deadly lasers coming from all directions. Players can progress through three different episodes that each have six increasingly difficult levels. Difficulty depends on the frequency of laser blasts, map terrain, time limit, and the number of items to collect. Players can also monitor their progress through the game on the statistics board, measured by collecting and analyzing game telemetry. Lazer strives to entertain players of all ages. It was built with Unity3D Game Engine as an independent research project at Virginia Tech by Jinwoo Yom.

Topics of Focus

    ● Artificial Intelligence
    ● Graphic User Interface
    ● Data Structure Optimization
    ● Procedural Level Generation
    ● Arts & Special effects
    ● Testing and Debugging
    ● State Machine Logic
    ● Seemless Player Control
    ● Maintanance & Scalability
Jinwoo Yom