***Please make sure to keep the mouse within the game screen!


What is The Virtual Pool?

Virtual Pool is a two-player game using realistic ball collision physics to model a widely known cue sports called pool. In terms of the rules, it will follow all of the official rules of actual real-life game. Players will alternate back and forth attempting to hit all of their assigned type balls into the six pockets on the table. First player to hit all of their assigned balls and an 8 ball in the pocket wins. However, if one of the player accidently knocks the 8 ball in one of the pockets before hitting in all of his assigned balls, the other player wins. There are few other ways for a player to win or lose the game, which are all part of the official pool rules. It was built with ProcessingJS as an independent project at Virginia Tech by Jinwoo Yom.

Topics of Focus

    ● Accurate 2D Physics
    ● Graphic User Interface
    ● Polar Coordinate Calculation
    ● Collision Detection
    ● Arts & Special effects
    ● Testing and Debugging
    ● State Machine Logic
    ● Seemless Player Control
    ● Maintanance & Scalability
Jinwoo Yom